About Us

Our Story

Here at Southern Bell’s we love a good love story, so we would love to tell you about ours!

In 2007 while on leave from the military Matthew stumbled upon Amanda while browsing Myspace, I know feeling old. Upon deciding to meet up, the two spent an evening together at an all-night skate and that’s when Matthew knew it was truly love at first sight. After dating for a few months, the two were torn apart as each went their separate ways with their military careers. Amanda went on to become a military wife stationed overseas supporting the military through Event Planning and Matthew went onto to serve two tours overseas during his time in service. In 2010 Matthew returned home a lost soul and had to rebuild his life after going through the torments of war and over the years went on to become a successful IT Representative while starting two non-profits serving the homeless veterans in his community, all while finishing up his Business Degree. Meanwhile Amanda spent the better half of almost 10 years serving in a Key Spouse Leadership role for the Air Force handling Event planning for their Unit and while doing so earned prestigious awards such as the Military’s Spouse of the Year Award and the Presidents Accommodation Award from President Barack Obama for her Support and Service to the United States Military. During this time period we would remain friends and check up on each other every few months to see how life was treating each other. In 2017 destiny brought us back together. Amanda returned home after going through a divorce and Matthew having gone through a divorce in 2015. A few weeks after her arrival home we met up for dinner and spent the entire evening walking around downtown Fort Wayne catching up. After two and a half years of dating we decided to tie the knot in October of 2019. In March of 2019 after many long talks and an unquestionable desire to be part of the same moments in people’s lives that brought us together we decided to take a leap of faith and start Southern Bell’s as a way to carry on the same principals to help others that got us to where we are now in life.

Why Southern Bell’s


Here at Southern Bell’s we believe in a level of satisfaction that is unmatched. Our years of service and commitment to our country has instilled a sense of work ethic and pride in all we do and that allows us to be meticulous in the details of our job. Every detail down to the littlest one is the most important. There is no one part of our job that is more important than the next. It is with love, passion, and pride that we serve those that we work for. We understand that your biggest moments are the ones that are the most important to you. It is this understanding that allows us to be the best in our market. Years and years of experience, learning, trial, and errors have awarded us the knowledge and experience needed to make sure that no one detail goes unnoticed. In choosing Southern Bell’s you can rest assure that you are getting the best possible experience for the most affordable cost.